• Passing on the finite resources and invaluable nature to the next generation
  • Your one stop from evaluation of subsurface structures to planning studies of surface facilities
  • State-of-art technology for energy development in harmony with the global environment
JOE Japan's sole consulting & engineering company capable of total solutions for energy development

From exploration
to production


With 50 years of
professional experiences


Japan Oil Engineering (JOE) has many engineers with specialist skills and knowledge
gained from oil and natural gas development projects.

Technologies JOE possess, such as subsurface structure evaluation, identification of underground fluid behaviour, studies for onshore and offshore production facilities, maintenance and preservation of facilities and HSE, can be utilised as our advantages in environmentally friendly energy development and global warming countermeasures including CCS/CCUS.

JOE is a professional and specialised group that enables customers to achieve their tasks as a leading expert in these fields.

JOE's mission is to contribute to the energy development in harmony with global environmental impact reduction and the improvement of people's quality of life, and we are constantly working to propose the best energy solutions to our customers.

About JOE