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Natural resources that sustain the wealth of our lives......
Oil and natural gas, which have accumulated deep under the ground over a span exceeding several millions of years, will no doubt continue to play a key role as one of the most important sources of energy in both the industrial and civil sectors.

The scene of oil and gas exploration is in the midst of a shift to regions that are home to a harsh natural environment, such as remote areas, deepwater and arctic seas.

Also, along with growing concern over global environmental problems, there is ever-increasing demand by society for aggressive initiatives geared towards the well-balanced exploitation of natural resources with a minimum environmental footprint.

At Japan Oil Engineering Company (JOE), our vision is to do our part for the international society as a trusted adviser with a broad perspective in order to pass on the limited resources and invaluable nature of today to the next generation. With this vision in mind and the over-50 years of professional experience and state-of-the-art technology at our disposal, we seek to provide swift and precise solutions to the various issues that our customers face in their business.

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