Reservoir Characterization and Modeling

Reservoir modeling that incorporates
the multidisciplinary point of view

JOE constructs a precise and detailed 3D geological model
through the analysis of geological, geophysical and reservoir engineering data,
and builds an appropriate reservoir model for the highly‒reliable reservoir simulation.

Overview of Reservoir Characterization


It is possible to construct a highly reliable reservoir model which reflects with great accuracy the information obtained from seismic data, well logging data, core data, well test data, production data and geological interpretation through a "geostatistical methods (※)".

(※) Geostatistical method: the construction technique of geological model to allow the spatial correlation and uncertainty quantification of reservoir properties.

For the efficient and accurate reservoir simulation


JOE provides a reservoir modeling with an eye to the efficient and accurate reservoir simulation, in which we perform rock typing, rock properties modeling, up-scaling, etc., with a viewpoint of petroleum reservoir engineering and numerical analysis as well as geology and geophysics.

Examples of reservoir modeling

  • ■ Rock typing
  • ■ Geostatistical modeling
  • ■ Upscaling

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