Training Services

Our technologies to worldwide engineers

JOE is willing to spread our accumulated technologies gathered through decades of active participation
in the oil and gas sector to the worldwide engineers in the industry.

JOE delivers a wide range of high quality technical training programs,
contributing to greatly enhancing skills of people working in the petroleum industries
or university students with interest in the O&G sector.

We also execute workshops to impart our know‒how to the participants in solving technical issues
as well as reservoir simulation, process facilities and HSE technical training courses.

Please contact us for custom‒made training courses for your technical engineers’ career advancement.

Our training services

Our Training Services

JOE’s training programs aim to share and transfer the knowledge and know-how we accumulated through domestic and international studies on reservoirs and Research and Development on the latest technologies.

Technological lectures about general reservoir engineering,
production facilities and HSE

JOE holds training programs to enhance skills of people working in the petroleum industry, provide them with the avenue in mastering diverse technologies ranging from reservoir engineering to production facilities and HSE. The training program provides the participants with an all-around skill of reservoir engineering, such as log analysis, core analysis, well test analysis, comprehensive analysis including fluid analysis, reservoir simulation and geostatistical analysis. JOE provides in-depth training programs related to process theories applied in the oil and gas processing facilities, process simulation, pipeline design, offloading system and HSE management, based on the knowledges and know-hows accumulated for many years through production and engineering consulting services, engineering services, and health-safety-environment (HSE) consulting services.

Technical solutions training programs

Technical Solutions Training Programs

JOE executes workshops and case studies to clarify technological issues for oil and gas company of participants’ countries and to find out solutions through interactive discussion with participants.

Featured Experiences

  • Training on engineers from oil‒producing countries (Reservoir engineering)
  • Petroleum skill development seminar on Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti
  • Reservoir analysis and simulation and EOR training for Iraqi
  • Training for Thai young engineers (Reservoir engineering)
  • Training for Kuwait students (Reservoir engineering)
  • Training for Japanese reservoir engineers
  • Technical solutions training (Zero Emission, HSE management)
  • Training of technological development on crude oil pipeline and export facilities for Ugandan
  • Training of designing water injection facilities
  • Training on risk management and environmental assessment for offshore oil and gas field development
  • Domestic training for environment basics on oil and gas development activities
  • Domestic training for operational technologies on production facilities in oil and gas field

Our Services