Reservoir Simulation

Rich study experience in the various fields

JOE has developed a variety of in‒house reservoir simulators reflecting our research results
on numerical analysis method and practical experiences in reservoir engineering work.
We also have extensive experience in reservoir simulation studies for various oil and gas fields.

Accommodate various types of reservoir simulations

Accomodate various types of reservoir simulation

JOE has continued its own research on numerical analysis method in the oil and gas reservoir engineering field over-40 years. Therefore, we can perform a variety of reservoir simulations related to petroleum reservoir engineering to make use of our experience and track record.

Examples of numerical simulations

  • ■ 3D 3-Phase black oil simulation
  • ■ 3D compositional simulation
  • ■ Naturally fractured reservoir simulation
  • ■ Various types of IOR (Improved Oil Recovery) simulations
  • ■ Geothermal reservoir simulation
  • ■ CCS (CO2 capture & storage) simulation
  • ■ Methane hydrate production simulation
  • ■ Natural gas underground storage simulation
  • ■ Drill Cuttings re-injection simulation
Accomodate various types of reservoir simulation

Regarding the numerical reservoir simulation, please leave it to JOE with a rich study experience for the various fields.
We will provide useful information to establish the development planning of clients and solve a variety of complex problems that occur during a field development.

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