Research and Development

Research and development of cutting-edge technology
to help in natural resources and environmental issues

JOE is working on "research and development of advanced technology" designed for methane hydrate
development, CO2 geological storage, etc., by applying oil and gas development related technologies.
With respect to research and development on resources and the environment,
we are the technical supporter with the reservoir engineering point of view.

Widespread application of
the oil and natural gas development technology

A wide range of application of the oil and natural gas development technology

JOE has been involved in research and development of advanced technologies by applying the oil and natural gas development related technology and has developed various types of reservoir simulators.
Taking advantage of our experience, we support the development of "numerical tool" to evaluate the physical and chemical phenomenon which is not considered in commercial software.
In addition,JOE also supports the development of "numerical simulator" for carrying out the production forecast of the new resources (methane hydrate, etc.) in accordance with the client's needs.

A wide range of application of the oil and natural gas development technology

Furthermore,JOE has abundant study experience for the "environment-friendly technology", such as CCS (Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage). For a variety of research and development related to underground fluid behavior, JOE provides a technical assistance from the petroleum reservoir engineering point of view.

Methane hydrate development technology

Methane hydrate development technology

Methane hydrate is ice-like substance in which methane molecule is trapped in a cage-like structure constructed by the water molecules under low temperature and high pressure. It has been attracting attention as the next generation of energy, since it can be expected sizable endowment under the seabed around Japan, and the emissions of carbon dioxide is less and clean at the time of combustion.
JOE has played a role in the development of "numerical simulator" to predict the decomposition and production behavior of methane hydrate in the field scale. Also, JOE has been active in various scenes in methane hydrate research and development including reservoir simulation and reservoir modeling for the world's first offshore methane hydrate production test off the coast of Japan.

CO2 capture and storage


Now that global warming is becoming a serious problem, a variety of efforts to reduce air emission of carbon dioxide have been made in many parts of the world. As one of the promising solutions to the problem, CCS (CO2 Capture and Storage) has received a lot of attention recently, in which carbon dioxide is injected into underground geological formations.

JOE analyzes the behavior of CO2 injected into geological formations by reservoir simulator to investigate the stability of stored CO2 over a long period of time. For example, JOE simulates CO2 migration in the reservoir, dissolution in the formation water, and the well placements to suppress the pressure rise which CO2 injection causes.

In addition, CO2 is precipitated as carbonate minerals by reacting with some types of rock, which enable stable storage over tens of thousands years.

However, flow simulation including this series of reactions takes a very long computation time, and also has many difficulties in the convergence of the calculation. Therefore, it can be considered as an advanced simulation. JOE has a lot of experience in such simulations, and is providing consultation services relating to such problems.
The optimal well placements and well controls can achieve more stable and efficient CO2 storage. To make highly reliable assessments for such optimal problems, JOE applies some optimization algorithms to the simulations.

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