Oil and Gas Development and Production Consulting Services

Total consulting on oil and gas field development

Oil and gas resource development plan shall be examined and optimized from
various aspects, such as technical, commercial and social aspects.
JOE can provide practical and concrete technical assistance based on solid
performance and in-depth know-how of the Oil & Gas industry.

Oil and gas production consulting services overview

Oil and Gas Production Consulting Services Overview

JOE provides a comprehensive solution for Oil and Gas projects covering; feasibility studies, verification studies for technical, economical and/or social soundness, operation and maintenance consultation through decades of experience and knowledge gained from participating and/or implementation of various projects in the Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Europe and FSU, North and South Americas, and Africa.

JOE was initially established for providing such services as facilities maintenance and repair works for the Sodegaura Refinery Plant of Fuji Oil Company as the core business, but as years passed, the company has evolved and extended these services to cover maintenance and construction of petroleum refining equipment, petrochemical facilities, and related auxiliaries.

JOE, as a total consulting company of energy on the oil and gas sector, offers high quality services by utilizing the latest software and our rich experience and knowledge from upstream to downstream.

Major services for oil and gas development and production consulting

  • ■ Project master plan establishment
  • ■ Validity evaluation of projects through technical, commercial and social aspects
  • ■ Evaluation of oil and gas development and production activities
  • ■ Planning of effective utilization of natural gas
  • ■ IT utilization and information infrastructure planning
  • ■ Facility modernization planning
  • ■ Facilities diagnosis and maintenance planning
  • ■ Technical survey on facilities construction technologies, operation evaluation, research and development (R&D)
  • ■ Implementation of various feasibility studies
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