Field experiences

Supply of reservoir engineer in connection with reservoir study for operating fields

Abu Dhabi Oil Co., Ltd. (ADOC)
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Since 2001

We send out reservoir engineers to the operating field of the client company to assist reservoir simulation study. The reservoir engineers are generally in charge of overall reservoir simulation studies in the client company and work in communication with engineers of the client company. They are expected to assist reservoir simulation study from a technical perspective.

Main works in this project are update of reservoir simulation model associated with acquisition of new field measurement data and prediction of future oil production. Update of reservoir simulation model includes analysis and interpretation of field and laboratory experiment data and preparation of reservoir parameters for input data and reasonable explanation about these procedures based on reservoir engineering is required. This explanation about modeling methodology is an important part of the reservoir simulation study because validity of this methodology leads to validity and reliability of the oil production forecast calculated by the simulation model. Technical knowledge about reservoir engineering and experiences of reservoir evaluation on many types of reservoirs are essential for the design of modeling methodology.

In case that the target field has production history, the reservoir simulation model is modified by history matching which is the work minimizing errors between observed and calculated value by the modification of uncertain reservoir parameters. History matching is frequently difficult to obtain a good match due to problems vary from field to field and this work is unexceptionally one of the most difficult works in this project. In some cases it is required to go back to the stage of construction of geological and reservoir model and much effort is expended to obtain a reasonable matching by trial and error basis with a deep understanding about the target reservoirs and imagination.

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