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Engineering Support Service Contract

Field Validation

Field Validation

Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.
April 2004 - March 2016

The project commenced in April 2004, and JOE offered a comprehensive technical supports to the Client’s facility reinforcing plan in oil and gas fields at his Nagaoka District Office.

JOE tasks includes; establishing operational concept, executing site survey and basic engineering, making respective facility development plan, preparing tender documents, and evaluating bidders’ proposed documents. The scope of work was extended to reviewing and updating the Client’s engineering specifications and some of his existing standards.

This project is in the form to dispatch manpower when the client needs it. In October 2004, when a large-scale earthquake occurred in the Niigata area and caused some small damages on the client’s existing facilities, JOE facilitated to establishment of restoration plan for the damaged facilities flexibly.

JOE maintains high standard of service for the domestic oil and gas industry, utilizing the state-of the art technology and is always ready to fulfill hydrocarbon resource development requirements.

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