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**IMPORTANT NOTICE** Imitation Site of JOE Website

Important Notice Regarding Imitation Site of JOE Website

Japan Oil Engineering Company Ltd. (JOE) has recently identified an imitation site of the official JOE website, using and modifying our website's content without authorization.
Please be aware that you may suffer damages or unreasonable losses if you access the copied website, including the unfair use of personal information and infection of computer viruses.

On the imitation website, the JOE logo mark and company name has been replaced with another company's logo mark and name and there are no Japanese pages, and although the content and pictures of the imitation site are mostly the same as our website, it has been slightly modified to information that is likely to be fictitious or fake.

JOE does not have any connection with this imitation site, and has no relation with any business proposals or any other solicitations that have originated from the imitation site.
Also, JOE shall not be responsible for any damages and losses caused from the imitation site, including those occur on any person in its accessing the site or referring fictitious or fake information, or others.

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