Field experiences

Reservoir Simulation Study in Middle East

Figure 1. Conceptual plot of optimization process

Petroleum development company in Japan
Offshore Middle East
Sept 2014 – Jan 2015

The client is a shareholder of the oil development company who has a working interest in the offshore field in Middle East. Most of the produced oil from this field is exported to Japan. JOE has an experience of the reservoir simulation study of this field in years past, and we again conducted the simulation study.

In this area, the client promotes a conservation of hydrocarbon resources, protection of the environment and improvement of oil recovery. Water injection and sour gas injection has been conducted for that purpose. The aim of this simulation study is to contribute an improved oil recovery plan in near future. Using the reservoir simulation model of the client, JOE calculated the future production performances of multiple case settings. Finally JOE proposed the most optimal production scheme.

We have conducted the study under the feasible condition which is consistent to the existing development plan because the field is a developed one with long production history with many wells. It is required that, for example, a new well should not interfere in the production from existing wells, and an optimal production rate for each well should be found by trial-and-error method. (Figure 1)

A wide range of experience is needed to find an optimal solution in a relatively short time. We proud our simulation experience of giant oil fields, our learning from a number of research and development projects.

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