Field experiences

The Project for Strengthening Environmental Management in Petroleum Industry in Persian Gulf and its Coastal Area

Workshop in Khark Island

Steering committee at Tehran

Overseas training in Japan

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan
March 2012 - March 2014

The Islamic Republic of Iran (Iran) has abundant proven oil and natural gas reserves. The reserves currently being developed are only confined to the southwest inland and offshore Persian Gulf, and further development of such reserves are planned by the government in this decade.
Accompanying the long time development at the coastal and offshore field of the Persian Gulf, the environment in the region has been degraded due to emission and discharge of various wastes such as gases, waste water and spilled oil associated with the development and production activities despite the efforts of environmental protection by the developers.

In this project, JOE carried out the following two things for the Clients, Ministry of Petroleum and its subsidiary organizations, in order to improve the environmental management in petroleum industry in the Persian Gulf and its coastal area;
•Preparation of draft Master Plans for improvement of marine and coastal environmental management system and oil spill emergency response system.
•Training to improve personal capacity on environmental management and oil spill emergency response

In addition, we surveyed the following three sites in petroleum industrial area considered as pilot areas for environmental management;
•Mahshahr (with petrochemical complex)
•Khark Island (with oil production base, oil export terminal and petrochemical plant)
•Assaluyeh (with gas refinery and petrochemical complex)

In order to improve the personal capacities and know-how of our counterpart, JOE also executed several educational activities such as workshops, technical seminars and overseas trainings in Japan relevant to the environmental management and oil spill contingency response for personnel of Iranian petroleum industry.

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